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Amanda J. Walker is a talented and up-and-coming author with a passion for storytelling. Her writing delves into the human experience with depth, emotion, and nuance, capturing the hearts of readers with her captivating characters and vivid worlds.

Growing up, Amanda was surrounded by books and storytelling, and this love for the written word has stayed with her to this day. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Amanda has dedicated herself to pursuing her writing career, honing her skills and learning from some of the best writers in the industry.

Amanda is hard at work on a range of thought-provoking and engaging novels, exploring the complexities of family dynamics and delving into the hearts of everyday people. Her writing style is unique, capturing the attention of audiences and leaving a lasting impression.

When she's not writing, Amanda enjoys getting lost in a good book, exploring the great outdoors, and spending time with her family and friends. She is always eager to connect with her readers and continues to inspire and captivate audiences with her storytelling. Enjoy!

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Get ready for a sizzling new edition of Twist of Fate by Amanda J. Walker! With added content, steamy scenes, and more intrigue, this romance novel will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Ethan Simmons is a billionaire with a broken heart. After a nasty breakup with Melan, he's hesitant to get into another relationship. He's conservative, loves the quiet solitude of camping and working on a farm to exercise, and enjoys the luxuries of his wealthy lifestyle, from his chauffeur-driven Maserati to his personal jets and helicopters.

Janet Jayden is determined to move forward after her own heartbreak. With her best friend Nina by her side, she's ready to pick up the pieces. But when she crosses paths with Ethan, sparks fly. He's handsome, commanding, and infuriating, challenging her at every turn.

Despite their differences, fate brings them together, and their passion ignites into an unforgettable week of intense connection. But Janet's fears and insecurities threaten to unravel the bond she's formed with Ethan. Can two people from completely different worlds find love and overcome the forces that keep them apart?

If you're a fan of enemies-to-lovers romance with steamy scenes and unpredictable twists, Twist of Fate is the perfect book for you. Dive into this compelling and captivating story of love, passion, and second chances today!


Book 2 of Heart's Warmth series

New Release!

Keith Simmons is a self-proclaimed bachelor and seasoned playboy. He never exposes himself to a woman who wants more from him. As he works hard to solidify his business, his efforts are distracted by thoughts of Nina Weber, a warm and strong woman he once met.

Nina has had her fair share of family disappointments and has returned to her hometown in New Hampshire to be with family and help repair their fractured existence. Meeting Keith again was not in her plans, and she has no time for a seductive playboy.

‘With Us It Lives’ is a passionate and heartwarming story about two individuals, Nina and Keith, who feel a growing connection despite their differences and past experiences keeping them apart. Two years later, Keith cannot forget Nina and sets out to reconnect with her in New Hampshire. Despite her reluctance, Nina cannot resist Keith's charm, and they end up sharing an explosive night of passion.

As Keith works to prove his sincerity, he helps Nina reunite with her father.

With Us It Lives is a story of love, forgiveness, and second chances.


Book 3 of Heart's Warmth series


With Every Breath

A Medical and legal romantic suspense novel

Jonathan Simmons is a successful surgeon who finds himself fighting for his good name at the peak of his career. His life, as he knows it may be coming to an end and he has no way of avoiding life in prison. Yet he finds the distracting attraction for Valerie Ada-Cole is here to stay as though his life is not complicated enough. 

 Valerie moved to Boston to start a new life, leaving all the pain she suffered from her Ex-fiance behind in Philadelphia. She triumphs and begins to settle in just as the handsome and sexy surgeon, Jonathan Simmons waltzed into her life and gives her a taste of the forbidden. Even as he battles for his life, he takes Valerie on a journey she never dreamed was possible. Yet when she weighed her choices, she was trapped in a void where her only escape was to follow or watch her heart wilt with the pain of missed chances.

 Can Jonathan and Valerie overcome their challenges and find love with every breath they take? 

With Every Breath” is a tale of love, perseverance, and the possibility of second chances. 



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IT'S WITH YOU: A Billionaire Second Chance Romance

Alex was the epitome of a billionaire bad boy, with his striking good looks, charm, and endless wealth. Melanie was the girl who got away,  all those years ago. But when fate brings them back together, can they resist the powerful pull of their unresolved feelings?

As Alex and Melanie navigate the treacherous waters of their past, they find themselves drawn to each other once again. But with secrets and lies threatening to tear them apart, can they overcome their past mistakes and make a future together?

In this steamy second chance romance, sparks fly and passions ignite as Alex and Melanie rediscover their love for each other. Will their love be enough to overcome the obstacles in their way, or will their past continue to haunt them and keep them apart? Find out in ‘It’s With You’, the latest must-read romance from Amanda J. Walker.